Your October 2019 Horoscope by Cosmicc Consciousness

Welcome to October! One of the most favourite months during Fall, where everyone is looking forward for the upcoming festivities. It is time for sweets and dressing upAstrologically speaking, October is the month that splits both Libra at the beginning of the month, and Scorpio towards the end of the month. Halloween is on October 31st, which is a holiday that definitely resonates with the Scorpio energies. However, a lot of planetary changes will also be resonating with Scorpio. Pluto, the planet Scorpio rules, will be going direct on October 3rd. Mercury also enters Scorpio the very next day on October 4th, and to top it off, Venus enters Scorpio on October 8th. During this time, we will still be in Libra season, but the whole month of October will definitely just feel like an extra-long Scorpio season. October2019 will be focusing on your relationships, partnerships, and money. Libra is a sign all about partnership, but with Venus entering Scorpio, this time will be extremely focused on your love life. Are you bored with your partner? Do you need to spice things up? Have you outgrown them? These are all questions you may be faced with during the month of October. There will also be a full moon in Aries on October 13th, which will be teaching all of us the balance between self and others. You should love thyself, but still be willing to work with others to keep balance and peace. You will be recognised for your accomplishments, talents, and your individuality. The Full Moon in Aries will be reminding us of our worth and personal power! Scorpio is an intense sign in love. Your truest desires become the forefront in October; both in love and in your money life. Scorpios value love and sensuality; connecting it to their spiritual body. Take note of your relationships and how you feel in them this month. There is an overwhelming energy of emotion, so I recommend you do not keep yourself hidden, and observe the way you feel and catch your patterns. This is a good month to become more independent, rather than codependent on partners or people in your life that wouldn’t do the same for you. There is a possibility of dreams coming true, bringing complete bliss and happiness or there could be unexpected changes; an inner death to change these past patterns. Yet with death, comes rebirth! This is what the sign of Scorpio is all about. It is all about seeing what is blocking you in your life, and making the change to clear them, so that you can become the best you can very be. Your inner intuition will be heightened this month, since Scorpio season is a water sign. The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23rd, followed by the New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th. To end the month of October, Mercury goes retrograde and it is still in Scorpio. A Scorpio Mercury retrograde! Be prepared to unlock hidden messages from the divine. Be prepared to get hit with intense realisations. Although 2019’s October will be pretty challenging, this is a necessary transition period we all need. There are obvious breakthroughs we need to experience. This is an important month to rethink, revise, and strategise your plans in life, and realign with your deepest desires. Desires both in  your love life, but also career life. Now let's see what the month of October has in store for each sign!


The first half of October is-Libra season your opposite sign. Libra season is all about peace, balance, harmony- but also cooperation, partnerships, and fairness. You are a sign of self, as Libra is a sign of many. The first half of the month will be quite easy-going due to Libra’s energies. However, relationships and your finances will be the highlight of your month. Not only is it Libra season, but both Venus (Oct 8th) and Mercury (Oct 3rd) move into Scorpio at the beginning of October. Emotions may feel intense but there will be a Full Moon in your sign on October 13th. This season you will be feeling the balance between helping others and focusing on yourself. October is a great month to strategise your life path, but also make sure you are happy in all your relationships. If you are not happy with yourself, then your relationships will reflect that as well. Boost up that love energy Aries!




This can be quite an exciting month for you. Uranus is still in your sign, which continues to make you stay AWAKE in your present life moments. You are constantly learning huge life lessons from the universe right now. You share common energies with Libra, so the beginning of October can be quite easy. Your job will prosper, or you will earn extra money this month. The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th will boost your energies to accomplish your objectives by craving personal freedom. You need your space! However, Libra is still the sign of partnerships and relationships. Your relationships with loved ones, family, friends, coworkers will be the focus for you this month. You will be learning a lot about yourself and about others both business and personal. Remember, how relationships with others make you feel, are simply a reflection of how you feel about yourself. The second half of October starting the 23rd will become Scorpio season, which is your opposite sign. Perhaps towards the end of October you will be hit with big revelations. This October is highly influenced by Scorpio energies since both Mercury and Venus move into Scorpio at the beginning of the month, on the 3rd and the 8th. The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 27th, and on top of that, Mercury will be going retrograde
on 31st as well. You may feel the need to cut off ties with others and rework your path in order to become reborn into something more aligned. This is what Scorpio season is all about!




The beginning of October will be heightening your creative energies and cravings. We all enter October as Libra season, a fellow air sign. Libra’s are social like you, Gemini, but they also love beauty and art. You are one to work with your hands, so you will most likely be finding yourself focused on new or old creative projects. Relationships with others will be important this month. You may find yourself adventuring out more with friends and trying new things. Scorpio energies still swirl in the air since Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 3rd, and Venus moves into Scorpio on the 8th. Although Scorpio is known to be deep, dark, and emotional, they actually love to live life on the edge. You will find yourself being very curious and down to explore. The Full Moon in Aries will be shining a light on your friendships and yourself. You may see that there are groups of people you may no longer be resonating with. Changes will need to be made around your circle of friends in order to align those around you with yourself. The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23 rd, which is another reason why such transformations are being made. Scorpio season will cause you to kill off a part of you that no longer can move on with you. It is time to be reborn, and you must do so by taking a long hard look at who’s energies you surround yourself with.




Libra can be super peaceful for you, Cancer. October brings you the time and energy to pull yourself together. Perhaps there have been tough times recently that have brought you down, or, perhaps there have been obstacles in your path. Libra season brings you harmony. There are not serious retrogrades or erratic energies. You have the time to focus in on what needs to be completed or fixed to get yourself back on track. The Full Moon in Aries will also aid you in bringing in your priorities to the forefront. However, Libra season will also bring in loved ones into your life to help you relax. Loved ones will be there to help you by either talking to you or having fun with you to release all that stress from the last few weeks. The second half of October brings you into Scorpio season which is a sister water sign. This Scorpio season is a good time for a deep, emotional, romance. Relationships or partnerships may become really important to you and you will be willing to nurture your relationship. Water it to make it grow. Just don’t forget to balance others and the love for yourself. You need to nurture yourself too, Cancer! 




Hello lovely Leo! October starts off in Libra season with very gentle aspects. There will not be any intense emotions or obstacles standing in your way. Not until we go towards the end of October- Scorpio season. The Full Moon in Aries occurs on October 13th which will be helping you gain extra energy to accomplish those things on your to-do list. Perhaps you have been thinking of changing careers or moving to a new location? These changes will finally occur at some time during the month of October. Libra season will give you added creative energies to accomplish what you need to do, but also simply to feed your creative soul. Romantic relationships may be the highlight for you this month. Scorpio season starts on the 23rd, with a New Moon on the 27th. Yet both Mercury and Venus switch into the sign of Scorpio at the beginning of October. This is a good time to rethink your relationships, or perhaps just think about what you truly want in love. Does your current partner fulfil this? Are you happy? What are you looking for? What do you want to do? Changes need to be made in this area, but you also need to get the ball rolling and be productive. There are plenty of things that need to be done for nobody one but yourself. 




As we switch from your season to Libra season during October, there are peaceful energies in the air. It may be too peaceful for you! Virgo season brought you a lot of extra control. You were extremely productive, Virgo, but Libra season says take a break! Treat yourself! The beginning of October will bring you calming energies, but you should still focus on alternative ways to make money. It is a good time financially for you. Don’t get too worked up on finances, but reassess it and make sure you are saving money and still pampering yourself. You deserve it! Libra energies also can help connect you with like-minded people. You may find yourself meeting new people who can give you answers to whatever areas in your life you’ve had questions for. You may even meet someone that can possibly progress into an intimate relationship- especially as we move from Libra season to Scorpio season. Scorpio season is a season with energies that also focuses on money and finances. However, it can also bring up past traumas and fears that you need to heal from. Let out these pains, Virgo. Whatever your body of psyche needs to release, make sure you do so. Everyone will be changing during Scorpio season and deepening their life path meaning. By the end of October, you will have strategised your money situation thanks to the combination of Libra and Scorpio energies. You will be extremely useful and productive!



Happy Birthday to all the October Libras! You start off the lovely month of October celebrating your birthday. However, because of your easy-going nature, you may be a bit tired the first 3 weeks of the month. That doesn’t’ mean you won’t be partying! But keep in mind it is a good time to rest during your season. You may have had a really busy last few months. On top of business, there are some things that need to be healed within you. And best believe, they WILL be healed whether you like it or not this month. This could be with relationships with others, or any other events that is causing you anxiety. October will be forcing you to take charge and face these pains so you can be back to normal at last. Your emotional body will be sensitive because of whatever needs to be healed- so the sooner the better! It will be sensitive also because both Mercury and Venus moves into Scorpio. Plus a few square aspects are occurring that focus on your emotions as well.  Your emotions will be your guidance this month to what you need to heal from. Pay a lot of attention to it. This is not just about being at peace with others, but it is about keeping your own inner peace. You are a sign who cares a lot about others Libra, so the Full moon in Aries on the 13th will be pushing you to take care of yourself. Not just these healing patterns, but also physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do not resist the change Libra. That is when we merge into Scorpio season towards the end of October. The changes occurring may be painful at first but you will need to understand this is all coming from a higher power, with a greater purpose. This is what Scorpio season is all about for you. 



Happy Birthday to all the October Scorpios! The beginning of October will be all about Libra, which means it’s time to stop being the lone wolf! You need to cooperate with others and work with others. Yet you still need to pay attention this month to whom you share your energies with. Not everyone is as helpful as you. Some can be energy leeches. The wrong people can be truly detrimental to your overall health. It is very important this month you surround yourself with good people containing positive energies. Everyone else you will need to distance yourself. Your love life will be highlighted this month as well. There are a lot of planets moving into Scorpio before Scorpio season even hits, so by the beginning of October you will be feeling your energies profoundly. Love, sex, and romance will be a lot of fun for you during your birthday season- but don’t get too distracted. This is also a great season to get invested in something. Either do something creative or invest in your money in something that will make your savings grow. You can focus on love but your finances can truly benefit from this time as well. If things get too much this month do not be afraid to take some TLC. There is a T-square this month that will be merging that will cause some unexpected events and obstacles. Kind of hectic if you ask me. But don’t feed into the chaos. Calm your energies and take a chill pill. Your body and stress levels will thank you! 



Welcome to October Sagittarius. This is a great rest period for you- especially the beginning of October during Libra season. There may have been a lot of stressful ups and downs during the last few weeks, and Libra season gives you the chance to simply relax. You are given the chance to balance yourself out and reach an equilibrium again. Libra season may bring in new connections nonetheless. You have a lot of dreams and goals, and the more you think about how to achieve them, the more Libra energies will grant you new people to help you get there. It has always been easy for you to make new friends but Libra season is all about making connections and socializing. Even if you don’t feel like it, people will be entering your life. Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 4th of this month, which will intensify your need and willpower to reach your objectives. This is a good time to study and research, or perhaps immerse yourself in your spiritual side. Enjoy being busy, but also enjoy just “BE”ing. On the 13th, the Full Moon in Aries (a sister fire sign) will be increasing your passion of life. You will want to have loving, fun with those important to you. Though, it is a great time to think about launching anything new as well, since Aries is the pioneer sign. They are a sign that get things done.  Be ready to open up yourself to see what you can achieve this month.



October starts off with Libra season for all of us Capricorn, and this is a very balanced season. There is not much going on up in the stars for you… meaning, it is less turbulent compared to the last few seasons. Your career, work life, or finances will be the highlight for you this month. You will be forced to pay attention to the connections you make and the people you meet to create understanding with others. These will most likely be people you work with or are in your work life. You have the ability to change things in your life that no longer resonate with you, and will get the power to make those changes for yourself when the Full Moon in Aries occurs on the 13th. Towards the end of the month, we all enter Scorpio season on the 23rd of October. Scorpio season pushes you to continue to be productive and accomplish something. This is a great month to get things done or to change things in your life since there won’t be any obstacles this month to stand in your way. However, during the month of October you will need to be find a balance between your life “out there” and your inner world. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th will call you to do something new. Perhaps you will adventure out and try new things, or meet new people. You will be learning lessons this month with Pluto sitting in your sign regarding control. You can’t control everything Capricorn! Simply enjoy the experience and path you are on.



October starts off in Libra season, a fellow sister air sign. It is a very peaceful time for you Aquarius. This gives you the chance to find balance in ALL of your life areas- which will kind of be a catch up month for you. Your spiritual journey will be the highlight for you this month. There is a lot of Scorpio energies at the beginning of October as both Mercury and Venus will be in Scorpio. The mysterious depths of yourself will be emerging from the darkness. Similar to Sagittarius, you may find yourself researching your spiritual side and why things are the way they are. You may want to figure out your spiritual journey and why you are here. What is your purpose?  This month you will find yourself connecting with others and gaining more knowledge about the spiritual world through them. Whatever you want to learn, intention will bring you what you seek. Maybe your purpose is to spread the light- especially with those you connect with on a daily basis. Aquarians have always been the oddballs of the zodiac wheel. You feel different- like you are born from another world. Though this is true, you have so much to teach everyone like uniqueness and individuality. Your individuality will be empowered from the Full Moon in Aries on the 13th. You will be feeling confident in yourself and your accomplishments & things needed to be accomplished. As we get closer to Scorpio season on the 23rd of October, you may have a love life appear. If you already have a relationship, it is a good time to open your heart to them to see what magical things you can receive. Not just romantic relationships, but to everyone important in your life.



Libra season at the beginning of October grants you love and peace and harmony! Enjoy this month Pisces. October will feel so good for you. There won’t be any drama or hiccups along the way - just the present time enjoyment. So please, take your time and take a moment to be grateful for all you have. For who is in your life. And for simply the things you have now. Things could always be worse. Romance is going to be heightened for you this month since Libra is the sign for partnership and cooperation. You may also be recognised at work for all your hard work and perseverance. But for the most part, this is a good time to spend time with loved ones and enjoy their company. Make memories. Your love life will intensify as we move along through the end of October into Scorpio season- a fellow water sign. There may be some hidden traumas that will erupt throughout the month. You know exactly what needs to be healed. Take the time to do your spiritual research to release and let go of anything that has been emotionally hindering you this month. Scorpio season will grant you a fresh new beginning, but you cannot hold onto the old, lingering, negative, energies.


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